Uripku Ning Jogja Sing Ngangenin

Kangen jogja judule hehehe, urip ku ning jogja saat aku ngejajal izamedia sunggu nyenengiki. Aku melu urip ning jogja kae, kangen tuku maskobis, kangen tuku nyusu ning jakal atas, kangen ngeburjoan. Pokoke jogja kui dabesttt bahagia aku urip ning sono kae. Konco2 ku ning jogja kui baek kabehhhh, koplok kocak mlebu jadi 1. Kapan aku […]

?How to Build a Patio by Your Own

One of the most beautiful outdoor home design ideas is patio. If you are interested in patio, you need to know how to build a patio. Before you build a patio, you have to plan it properly. You cannot build it carelessly. There are many factors that you have to consider. From the materials, design, […]

4 Tips for Durable Outdoor Table and Chairs

Outdoor is one of the parts of your houses that you should pay attention. One of the ways is by choosing outdoor table and chairs. When you are free, you should not always to go to outside to spend the day. You can also enjoy the day at home. However, enjoying the day indoor is […]

How to Choose Patio Table and Chairs Wisely

One of the best outdoor design ideas is patio. To have an attractive patio, you need to pay attention to the patio table and chairs. Patio is commonly built in the back yard. However, it can also be built in any other space outside the house. Two kinds of furniture that are most important are […]